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  Disk Shadow - PC backup software

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Siemens Business Services implements Notebook Shadow as their "complete laptop backup solution". See who else values their employees work.




Winner of a 5-star ZDNet Editor's Pick, SolarSys Disk Shadow is a fast, fully automated file backup and synchronization system. It has been designed specifically to give you complete control of your files on your PC or laptop, on your office servers and on your backup devices such as Zip drives and optical discs.

Its sister product SolarSys Notebook Shadow provides equivalent performance on a laptop.

Many large companies are now using Disk Shadow (and it's sister product for PCs - Notebook Shadow) to safeguard their valuable data. Mobile executives are particularly vulnerable as laptop computers can be easily lost or stolen. Read on to discover just how easy it is to automatically backup your PC or laptop, or download now for your 60-day free trial. There is absolutely no obligation and at just US$79.95 or £49.95, Disk Shadow will transform the way you work. In addition, you will receive software maintenance, covering all upgrades, FREE FOR LIFE when you register your software. This means that your investment in our software will continue to work for you for years to come.

Volume discounts are available for multiple license purchases.


Sophisticated File Synchronization System

Always Have Up-to-date Information

Have you ever got to a meeting and fired up an old version of a vital file, say a presentation or proposal? "Oh no! I forgot to copy the file!" This can’t happen with Disk Shadow because it automatically co-ordinates files between your office systems and your PC or laptop across the network. You don't even need to think about it. 


Share Information Effortlessly

Your collegues sometimes place files on the server for you to use. SolarSys Disk Shadow automatically copies these onto your PC for you to work with when you are out of the office. When you return to the office your updates can be co-ordinated with the file on the server.


Multiple File Versions

SolarSys Disk Shadow can keep old versions of your files on your PC, laptop and/or on your server so if you make a terrible mistake in your spreadsheet (I should never have made that last change), all is not lost. Simply go back to a previous version.


Fully Automated Backup

No User Intervention Required

Automatically maintain a copy of your data files on your corporate server. Once set up, operation is fully automatic requiring no user intervention.


Rewritable CD ROM and Zip Drives

Take advantage of the new high capacity removable disk drives such as Zip drives and optical read/write CD ROM drives. Your removable disk can be removed or 'Hot Swapped' at any time (it is best to use a different one each day of the week in rotation and store them offsite to reduce the risk of theft or fire damage).


Restoring Files is a Breeze

Recover your shadowed files directly from the server or removable disk at any time using File Manager or Explorer. No need to do a complicated tape restore.


No "Down Time"

No need for any "down time". Disk Shadow works as you work.


Very Fast!

After the initial run, you are unlikely to notice Disk Shadow operating.


World Wide

With users in the UK and World Wide, including USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Singapore and New Zealand, Disk Shadow is the preferred choice for managers and users because it delivers an unparalleled combination of automated backup and synchronization plus run time control where required.

You may have seen our advertisement for Disk Shadow on the London Underground, at international airports or in the press.


Price includes FREE upgrades

Disk Shadow comes with FREE life-time maintenance which means you will never be charged for accepting new maintenance releases for the life of software. A single user license costs just US$79.95 (£49.95+vat). Volume discounts are available for multiple license purchases.

There is absolutely no obligation and you will soon have all your valuable information backed up. Download your free 60-day evaluation now.

Requires Windows 9x/ME/2000/NT or XP.